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8th Asia Pacific Conference on Exercise and Sports Science 2017

Symposium Speaker 

Name: Ronualdo Dizer
Position: Professor, Dean, College of Human Kinetics
Address: UP College of Human Kinetics, UP Diliman, Quezon City
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Ronualdo Dizer has served as the dean of College of Human Kinetics. He had been a condition coach of many basketball teams such as UP MENS BASKETBALL TEAM, KAINAN UNIVERSITY, TAIWAN. He earned Gold Medal in Basketball Trainer, Plaque of Commendation, 18th Southeast Asian Games in 1996 and Second Place: 1989 UAAP Season Coach of the UP Baseball Team. He has been a board member of many professional societies and civil organizations for example SPEDPHIL, Inc, SBP Samahan ng Basketball sa Pilipinas, OICA Office for Initiative in Cultures and Arts.  He published his researches in many journals and conference proceedings.


A Comparative Study on the Attentional Focus between PE 2 Students Doing Outdoor Physical Activity and PE 2 Students Doing Indoor Physical Activity


The University of the Philippines Physical education programs offers activities that are done outdoor and indoor environment. The researcher came up with an idea of doing a research comparing the participant’s attentional focus with engaging in physical activities conducted indoors and outdoors with the following objectives, to assess the participants’ attentional focus during exercise and to determine whether the respective environment has an effect on it and to be able to make a comparative analysis of the attentional focus between male and female participants engaging in outdoor and indoor activities. It is for the physical educators to compare and contrast attentional focus prevalent during physical activities in the indoor and outdoor environment. It will also reveal the effectiveness of outdoor or indoor physical activities on the athlete’s ability to respond and categorize stimuli during activity including the ability to narrow and broaden attention that is called attentional focus. Attentional focus questionnaire were divided and categorized were divided into Association, monitoring specific body sensations, Dissociation, focusing on the outside environment, and Distress, wishing the run/walk would end.

It can be inferred that participants who engaged in outdoor physical activity showed a significantly higher mean score for dissociation than indoor participants. This means that outdoor physical activity can be associated with responses of dissociation. However, since mean scores for association and distress were found to be not significantly different between outdoor and indoor participants, it can be inferred that the setting of the physical activity, that is, whether outdoor or indoor, has no significant bearing on the creation of association and distress responses. It can be said that association and distress during physical activity are independent of the location. Dissociation, however, is dependent on the location or setting of the physical activity.


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