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8th Asia Pacific Conference on Exercise and Sports Science 2017

Symposium Speaker 

Name: Ms. Teressa SIU – LotusLifeTV

Position: Founder, TV Host, International Wellness Speaker, Media Health Advocate

Award-Winning Journalist, Holistic Wellness Consultant, Yoga Teacher & Raw Food Chef

Adjunct University Lecturer

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Teressa Siu is an international wellness speaker, award-winning journalist, TV host and a health advocate on and off camera. She spent much of her broadcast career covering a wide range of health and medical news. Her TV news reports on health issues and epidemics won her applause from the journalism community, including awards from international organizations and CNN World Report. She most recently worked for CCTV English News International as Special Health Correspondent and Senior News Correspondent. Integrating her skillset as a holistic wellness consultant, raw food chef and yoga teacher, she produced and developed many reports on the imminent health issues in China. One of her most proud projects is an award-winning mini documentary on cancer villages that was seen by millions of viewers around the world. She now hosts the ’Meet China Series’ for Thomson Reuters.


Combining her two passions - health and journalism, she founded LotusLifeTV. Bringing two decades of experience in journalism, media, education and health, Teressa's mission is to connect people through the lenses and support wellness practitioners to bring their visions to life. She speaks at international conferences about media engagement and health promotion and she’s sought after for her expertise in strategic media communications. When she's not working in front of the camera, Teressa travels around Asia conducting seminars, welllness retreats to spread knowledge in her most passionate subjects – holistic vegetarian nutrition, integrative food therapy, yoga and healing. Since the establishment of LotusLifeTV, Teressa has successfully branded herself as a wellness expert. She has appeared in media interviews sharing her recipes and advising the community on general health based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and western nutrition principles.


Teressa supports a holistic and sustainable lifestyle through permaculture and plant-based foods. She also believes in raising awareness by integrating holistic education to schools. Her other passionate subjects involving health and wellness are women empowerment and youth outreach. As a long-time teacher, trainer and consultant in the academics and corporate fields, Teressa firmly believes in interactive and practical learning as the pillars of effective education and advocacy in creating healthier individuals and communities. Her comittment to promoting health journalism and advocating health in the media was recognized by Asia’s World Brand Congress which granted Ms. Siu the 2016 Women’s Leadership Award for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism.


Through the Lenses: “Branding It for Empowerment through Media Engagement’


The continuous escalation of lifestyle related diseases and illnesses has created a global rippling demand for enhanced health education. The main objective of this abstract is to educate, advocate and empower, ‘through the lenses’, how health practitioners and educators can work hand-in-hand with media as a community to better promote healthy living. 


The presenter, ‘through the lenses’ will discuss ‘the leap forward’ by dissecting the traditional news prism, the emergence of health journalism, current trends that are shaping the ‘health news pyramid.” There is ample evidence, around Asia, in the cases of China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand, that traditional media and social media alike are now attempting to satiate the immense hunger for health information in an effort to help individuals and communities be healthy and productive.  Many newsrooms and social platforms, as seen in China’s media, are devoting more time and effort in educating and promoting health.


Engaging media participation and support though would first and foremost require educating and engaging journalists and media representatives.  The presenter, ‘through the lenses’, will discuss pro-active and direct communication with the media to gauge and gain their interest and support. This abstract will discuss API – Advocacy, Publicity and Intricacy.  The presenter will, based on years of experience in media consulting, training and strategic communication – will help health practitioners and educators understand the intricacies in building healthy and engaging relationships with the media in order to gain publicity and advocate their ‘services’ and ‘missions’.


The presenter t will also discuss self-branding and competing for media attention. It has become even more pivotal in the fast-paced time-driven competitive digital age that health and wellness practitioners, educators and advocates have a crispy clarity of their own ‘brands’ and ‘marketing values’ in order to win media attention, beating the odds, with the right ‘pitch’ and ‘angle’.


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